Here are some of the best reasons to teach your little one of the importance of learning to swim.

It saves lives

It may sound simple and extremely obvious but learning how to swim reduces the risk of drowning. Swimming lessons at Super Swim School are based on the Swim and Survive methodology. Royal Life Saving is Australia’s leading water safety educator and has been around for 120 years – a non-for-profit, community based organisation. Royal Life Saving is committed to providing innovative and reliable evidence- based information, through a range of quality programs, products and services.

Skills and knowledge we teach at Super Swim School in the Swim and Survive program provides our students with strong foundations in swimming and basic rescue skills.

Young babies are more comfortable in water then older child

As you know, your little one can absorb lots of information quickly. This is one of the reasons they are great at adapting to swimming. The older the child the more nervous and apprehensive they may be about getting into the swimming pool. Don’t delay! Swimming should be seen as a non-negotiable activity.

Encourages exercise

One of the really big advantages of learn to swim is it is a fantastic form of exercise. With so much talk of childhood obesity and the decline of physical literacy in children, swimming is a great way to get your child moving. It’s also a form of exercise which is so much fun for a child. They will want to go swimming again and again. By participating in swimming lessons a child will learn new developmental skills as well, you will see improvement in their coordination skills and abilities to grasp objects and balance. Toddlers may not have the motor skills to get the swimming strokes right but lessons will teach them to float and move through on their own in the pool.

Great for their social skills

During the lessons you will get children of the same age or swimming ability in the pool together. They will be constantly watching and interacting with each other. This process will allow them to learn to follow instructions and generally get used to being in a social environment with people of all ages.

Swimming has positive psychological benefits

Remember your child has spent the first 9 months in the womb and this is the reason most infants are born with a love for water. Your baby will find it so simulating to the senses. Bringing your child to any class teaches them to respect rules and encourages them to listen and follow instructions .It instils greater self – discipline and self confidence in your little one.  Swimming lessons can be the first encounter of your child in a teacher/student role.

Swimming is a great life skill to have. It can provide a lifetime of fun in the water as well as save lives. To enroll in a swimming lesson at Super Swim School visit our website at or phone (03) 9789 3566 and speak to a Swim School Team Member.