How to Prepare For Your First Swimming Lesson at Super Swim School

We have experienced many new parents and students enter our swim school. Below is a handy guide to help assist you with what to expect before, during and after your first class with us. If at any stage along your journey you have any additional questions, feel free to touch base with one of our Super Swim team members we can be located at the swim school reception desk. Or alternatively, you can give us a call anytime on 03 9789 3566, and we can step you through the process, ask away.

What do I need to dress my child in for swimming lessons?

This will vary on the age of your child. If you are coming in for one of our parent-and-child class then your baby should wear a disposable or reusable swim nappy. These can be purchased from the pro shop area of the pool. If you child is a little older and toilet trained then they can wear their swimsuit to lessons, google are optional. Girls should have their hair tied back to ensure that it does not get in their face when swimming. If your child wants to wear a rash vest that is fine, however the water is heated to a warm 32 degrees.

What do I do once I arrive?

Come to the swim school reception where a team member will greet you and your child and direct you to the change room facilities and your Super Swim Teacher. Your child’s swim teacher will call you in at the commencement of your lesson time. Swim school parents must present their child to the swim teacher at the commencement of their lesson and collect their child at the conclusion of their swimming lesson.

What is my role when my child is in the water?

Since this may be your child’s first time with us your child may be a little apprehensive at first as they adapt to a new environment and structure. This is totally normal they will be fine in the care of one of our trained and experienced staff members. It is best to leave your child during this time in the care of their swim teacher. Feel free to give them reassurance in the form of a smile or thumbs up. This will reinstate to them they are doing a great job. Once your child get a few lessons into their new environment you may find  that you are able to relax in our waiting room and watch some tv or even duck to the café and get yourself a coffee or healthy snack. We don’t mind if you need to take a few minutes break, as long as you remain present at the centre.

Can we change and shower at the pool?

Yes! We recommend that your child goes to the toilet prior to the commencement of their swimming lesson. This will eliminate the need for them to go in the middle of their class time. After their lesson is completed we recommend that children have a shower with us and dress in their warm clothes during the cooler months.

Can I change my class time, level, day or swim teacher?

Yes you can, however this change will be based on current availability at the time you need to transfer.

I want my child’s friend to join us at Super Swim School

Fantastic, we love referrals and to know that our clientele is happy with our services. Get your friends to give us a call and we can step them through the process of finding the right class time and level to meet their swimming requirements. If you decide that you would like to enrol any additional family members or extended family have a chat with us on your next visit or you can give us a call to discuss options to work in with your current swimming arrangements.

First session completed at Super Swim School

Fantastic, we are so happy that you have chosen to swim with us. We hope that your child enjoyed their lesson, we look forward to seeing them progress into little superstars under our guidance. If this was a trial class for you, make sure to visit us at the swim school desk to have a chat or to book into a permanent position. If you enjoyed your experience with us then give us a like on Facebook and a review. Congratulations on your first lesson. Your child is on the way to becoming a safer and more proficient swimmer by building the foundations for a lifelong love of the water.

Super Swim School Team