There were 291 drowning deaths in aquatic locations across Australia between 1st July 2016 and 30th June 2017.  It was estimated that 685 non- fatal drowning incidents resulted in hospitalisation in 2016/17. These are frightening statistics.

Congratulations to all our Super Swim school parents who are ensuring their children are receiving vital swimming and water safety skills.

At Super Swim School swimming and water safety is paramount. With the current release of the 2017 Royal Lifesaving National Drowning Report it serves as an important reminder to all Australians of the risks associated with exposure to our waterways, rivers, beaches and community and backyard swimming pools.

How can you and the Super Swim School keep our children safe?

  • Empower your children with water safety knowledge.
  • Continue to place your child/ren in swimming and water safety classes.
  • Actively supervise children around water.
  • Ensure all pool fences are secured and in working order.
  • Conduct a home water safety audit ( information can be located on the Kidsafe Victoria website

“Learning to swim is a skill for life”. Avoid being a statistic. For further information on the Super Swim School Program or to book a complimentary swim assessment phone 9789 3566

*Reference – Royal Lifesaving National Drowning Report 2017